How to align table saw blade - Craftsman 113

Updated: 2/17/23

In the video below I showing how to align table saw blade with dial gauge and self constructed holder. I was able to achieve 0.001” precision even without additional PALS system. My saw is Craftsman 113 27520.

Having a properly aligned table saw blade is important for several reasons


A misaligned blade will result in cuts that are not straight or at the correct angle. This can lead to inaccuracies in your workpiece, and can make it difficult to get a precise fit.


A misaligned blade can cause the workpiece to bind, kickback, or otherwise become unstable during cutting. This can be dangerous for the operator and damage the workpiece or the saw itself.

Blade life

A misaligned blade will put unnecessary strain on the blade, causing it to wear out more quickly. A well-aligned blade will run smoother, put less stress on the blade, and last longer.


A properly aligned blade will produce consistent cuts each time, allowing you to work with greater confidence and accuracy.

In short, having a well-aligned table saw blade is essential for both the safety and accuracy of your work, as well as for the longevity of your blade.

Parts used in the project:

Video where you can see all process: