How to Install Carpet on Stairs | DIY

Updated: 10/24/20

In this video you will see how I did carpet installation on stairs.

Start from the bottom and work up. The style of carpeting you see me so is ‘bullnose’ and it wraps around the lip of the step. It took about 5 hours for me to rip out the old carpet and install it. Best of luck on your install! Let me know how it goes.

0:20 Tools required for the project
2:18 All stripes attached to the steps
2:27 Attaching underlayment
3:10 Planning carpet cut list
3:56 Attaching carpet to steps
5:33 Final result

Tools I used:

Finish Stapler, 18 Gauge -
Pivoting Carpet Knife -
Carpet Stair Tucking Tool -
Air Compressor -
Miter Saw -
Tape measure

Materials I used:

Grip Fast® 1/4” Crown 5/8” Leg 18-Gauge Bright Narrow Crown Staple - 1,000 Count
Future Foam Saturn 3/8” Thick 8 lb. Density Rebond Carpet Pad
Mohawk Carpet
Blue Hawk 1-in Blue Tack Strip -